Your Own True Love

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Ken Collins


Your Own True Love


Now you’re asking about the secrets of true love,

The great mysteries of the heart.

How do you keep out the doubt, and not just give up,

Watching yourselves falling apart?


Some say you’ve gotta get lucky, and maybe at first that’s true.

But it ain’t luck that’ll keep you together.

It’s some of the hardest and best work you’ll ever do,

Learning how to just love each other.



Cause you make your own true love.

It doesn’t just fall from the sky.

Yes, you make your own true love.

Every time you keep trying.


There’s a reason we call it “making love.”

And you’ve got to remake it all the time.

The only way to not give up is by not giving up.

The only way to try is by trying.




I don’t know where love comes from, or where it goes.

But I know it’s not magic that makes it grow.

The only real secrets about love that I know

Are to forgive real quickly and kiss real slow.




Ken Collins 2009

© 2012 Ken Collins

Pink Robe Publishing

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