Will You Wake With Me

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Ken Collins


Will You Wake With Me


Will you wake with me in the morning light?

We can watch the sun chase away the night.

We can weave our dreams into precious lives,

As the sun is rising from the sea.


Will you walk with me in the light of day?

We will tend our work while the children play.

We will watch them grow as our dreams unfold,

And the sun is high above the sea.


Is it any wonder

Where we all come from?

We are made from love as surely

As light is from the sun.


Is it any wonder

What we all should be?

We are meant for love as surely

As the waves are meant for the sea.


Will you stay with me in the evening light?

We will watch the sun running from the night.

I will care for you while you care for me,

As the sun is sinking in the sea.


Ken Collins 2011 

©2012 Ken Collins

Pink Robe Publishing

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