Ken Collins

Aww, come on, I hate writing bios.  I never know what to say.  And they’re always in the third person, like I didn’t really write it.

OK, OK, here goes.  I’m the old guy, the one who ditched any thought of a music career thirty years ago to be a lawyer.  And my family thanks me now… I think.  Most days, I do too.  I’ve spent three decades helping injured and disabled people get settlements and disability benefits.  It’s good work and I’m thankful that I can do it well.

But you know, I started writing songs in my early twenties and have never stopped.  I don’t know why or how, it’s just what I do.  Like being alive.  These songs just weave around in the air over my head and sometimes I get the butterfly net out and catch one.  Mostly it’s catch and release, but some stick.

Actually, a better metaphor for me is sculpting.  The words and music slowly take form together until, what do you know… a song.  I never write with an instrument and I record with a good buddy at his house on occasional evenings.  We were at it for 6 ½ years until, what do you know… an album, called Dancing My Dreams.  Four years later and we’ve got Bluebird Tattoos.

Hope you like it.

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